What the F***?

You guessed it…this is all about fonts. A friend of DN3 Design recently asked, “How do you know what fonts look good together?” It’s a great question, so we thought we would share our insight with the DN3 community. The age-old rule for font paring goes as follows: concord or contrast, but don’t conflict. Here […]

PowerPoint Tips you Never Knew About

Combine Shapes You can insert lots of pre-created shapes from the Insert tab. But did you know you can mix and match them to make unique new shapes? Just put them where you want, select all the objects, click the Drawing Tools > Format tab, and use the Merge shapes menu to make some something […]

Custom Stock

We all want to put our unique stamp on everything. You buy a new phone, you immediately change the splash screen and customize your apps. You buy a new house, you paint the walls and rip out the kitchen. It’s the same with design. No designer wants her work to look uninspired, nor does a […]

Westward Bound

From the east to the west The definition of awesome: “: causing feelings of fear and wonder : causing feelings of awe” merriam-webster.com Somewhere along the way the word “awesome” became part of our common vernacular. Now the everyday occurrence has become “awesome”. After my journey out west, I have reconsidered the loose use of […]

Audi Magazine, edition 107

We were wowed by the newest Audi magazine. If you know someone with an Audi, ask them if they have a hard copy — the online version just isn’t the same…

Fine Feathers

“Fine feathers don’t mean you can fly”

Things Designers Say

(inspired by Jenni’s passionate frustration) PHOTO CREDIT: CHRIS BURKARD / @chrisburkhard